Odds, odds, odds!

Betting and placing bets is about knowing the odds besides very few other things in the final moments. What I personally am looking for are the right picks, a most trusted bookmaker and the odds' movements which are especially interesting when one bets on long time events like elections.

Its true, not every bookmaker offers the same odds for the same action and lots of gamblers spend quite some energy and time on finding the best odds available. But lets face it: Odds are almost without exception about the same in daily betting. So in the big picture it stays most important to have the right pick and a bookmaker who pays. The rest is counting pees.

Going back to the original idea what a blog acually is (supposed to be a blogroll and not too much more) I am going to post for my personal overview of considerable odds of trusted sources/bookamkers and links to odds for not having to surf around Google.com and doubtful pages each time I need to find what I'm looking for in lasts minutes.

For those who need even more to be updated frequently I should promote the webpage oddsoddsodds.com which will most certainly be my alltime favorite, I guess.

Good luck to all!